On July 13 we have the participation of the business instructor, Victoria Ortega, who is the owner of Open Arts, an initiative that fuses art with instruction in education and professional development. The Self-Regulation: Time and Money Management workshop was facilitated because we frequently find ourselves with the feeling that we don’t have time or money and regardless of the sacrifices we make, it is not enough for us; we try to do everything right, but we can’t identify where these valuable resources are leaking and we find ourselves in an anxious situation with all the stress, and without the slightest idea of ​​how to take control of ourselves. Victoria Ortega, shares with us strategies to increase personal self-control and improve our relationship with time and money through practical strategies to live a calmer life, that we can balance with our businesses, children, and friends with the opportunity to plan trips and other activities that give us a more comfortable and healthy quality of life.
The event was held on July 13 at 10 am at the Windsor Branch Public Library, located at 5833 Westminster Dr, Austin, TX 78723.
Thanks to the collaboration of Austin Public Library, Open Arts, Latino Arts, Culture and Education and Mexicanas en Austin, this event was completely free. Thank you very much for making this event possible!