Last July 14th, we had the author, entrepreneur and teacher from Mexico City, Lilia Sixtos with us to facilitate the workshop, The Art of Speaking in Front of the Camera. In the workshop made up of two parts, a virtual part, where we worked on the structure of the message and the second phase, which was in person, we had a total of 14 hours of continuous information and exercises to learn about verbal language, the power of voice when communicating, non-verbal language, body energy, emotions, physical movement, camera position, lighting, and the language of color. In short, it was a very complete course, very fun and interactive with the goals of:

  1. Very clearly identify the ideal audience.
  2. Structure a clear and powerful message to capture the attention of the audience when they are in front of the camera.
  3. Increase the visibility of the participants in social networks.
  4. Discover the full potential of the voice to communicate ideas, concepts and emotions
  5. Practice exercises to improve diction and modulation.
  6. Learn to handle hands, posture, emotions and energy.

We had a full workshop with 8 participants from with businesses in accounting, finance, network marketing, consulting, construction, cleaning, and education in our group and they definitely took super powerful tools to continue developing their businesses with more passion when speaking in front of the camera, We hope that this is the first of many workshops in which we work with the teacher, Sixtos, who is internationally recognized for her career.