A non-profit is like a second child, a second family, a second job and first in line when you think about what makes you shine like a bright star. I started doing volunteer service in high school but didn’t realize my passion for community service until I was almost 30. A few likeminded fellows and your truly launched Latino Arts, Culture and Education in 2014 and we created amazing events for the community, we did a Latin-American Folkloric Festival, a writing contest for children, several arts workshops for Mommy and Me, a Latino Authors Showcase in collaboration with 18 local organizations, it was amazing, but life happens and the team relocated to other cities and our dream team faded into the horizon, but 2020 reminded us how important it is to be connected to the community helping families and business owners thrive, and with this in mind, we are jumpstarting LACE with a second wave of creative events, but this time around, we are launching with a different perspective, we have curated our services with those initiatives that we believe will really help our community in times of adversity, we have a dream advisory board, and we are ready to tackle 2021 and the years to come, we are going to do big things for our beloved Central Texas, specially, we are going to be centered in our most vulnerable community members, including people of color and micro-business-owners. We hope that this mission resonates with you and join us ready to make a positive impact in our community. With Love, Larissa Davila (Executive Director)